少儿英语圣经故事58:In the Beginning起初

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编辑点评: 引子:你曾经出席你所爱人的葬礼吗?你能想到比面对亲爱的的人死亡更悲伤的事吗?或许你要问, “人为什么要死?”神所创造的头两个人, 亚当和夏娃, 听见他们的儿子亚伯被他的兄弟该隐杀 了时, 一定心都碎了。

Introduction:Have you ever attended the funeral of someone you love?Can you think of anything more sad than having to face the death of a loved one?Perhaps you have asked, “Why do people have to die?”Adam and Eve, the first two people God created, must have been heartbroken to hear the news that their son Abel had died. He had been killed by his brother Cain. Surely what grieved Adam and Eve the most was seeing their sin continue on through their son Cain. Romans 5:12 says, “…by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned: ”

引子:你曾经出席你所爱人的葬礼吗?你能想到比面对亲爱的的人死亡更悲伤的事吗?或许你要问, “人为什么要死?”神所创造的头两个人, 亚当和夏娃, 听见他们的儿子亚伯被他的兄弟该隐杀 了时, 一定心都碎了。最让亚当和夏娃悲痛的是看见他们自己的罪延续到他们儿子的该隐身上。罗马书5: 12, “……这就如罪是从一人入了世界, 死又是从罪来的;于是死就临到众人, 因为众人 都犯了罪。”

Gospel:Adam and Eve remembered the happy perfect world before they had disobeyed God. There was no sin, therefore there was no decay, disease, or death. But when Adam and Eve sinned against God, they spoiled God’s perfect world for themselves, and for everyone who would come after them. That includes you and me today. You too have broken God’s laws. Saying ugly things when you are angry, not obeying your parents, even thinking mean things are all ways you and I have sinned and broken God’s laws. God says that the wages, or payment, of sin is death. We must all die in our bodies, but those who continue in their sin will suffer eternal death and separation from God.

福音:亚当和夏娃还记得在他们违背神之前, 愉快完美的世界。没有罪, 因此也没有朽坏, 疾病, 或死亡。但当亚当和夏娃得罪了神, 他们破坏了神为他们以及他们以后的所有人预备的完美世界。这包括今 天的你和我。你也破坏了神的律法。你我犯罪违背神的律法表现在, 当你恼怒时说难听的话, 不顺从你的父 母, 甚至思想恶事。神说罪的工价, 或代价, 乃是死。我们的身体都会死亡, 但那些在他们的罪中的将遭受 永恒死亡和与神分离。

The Good News is that our loving Creator has provided a way to be forgiven of your sin, and to escape that eternal death! The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s perfect Son, willingly came down to earth and gave His life to take our punishment for sin. When the Jewish religious leaders and Roman soldiers put the Lord Jesus to death, Jesus never used the power He had to fight against them. Why not?Jesus had already planned to die. He gave His precious blood and life so you and I could have forgiveness of sin. The Lord Jesus “humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

好消息是爱你们的创造者提供了一个使你们的罪被原谅的方法, 可以摆脱那永恒的死亡!主耶稣基 督, 神完美的儿子, 愿意来到世上舍弃他的生命承受了我们罪的处罚。当犹太教领袖和罗马兵杀死主耶稣时 , 耶稣从未使用他抗争他们的能力。为什么不?主耶稣“就自己卑微, 存心顺服, 以至于死, 且死在十 字架上。”他舍弃了他的宝血和生命, 所以我的罪可以被赦免。

Romans 5:17 says, “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” Now the Lord Jesus is risen from the dead and in Heaven. When you believe in Jesus and ask Him to forgive your sins, Jesus will not only forgive your sins, but He will make you righteous in the sight of God and give you His eternal life! Even though sin continues through you and me, and every person, isn’t it wonderful news that you and I can be forgiven!

罗马书5:19“因一人的悖逆, 众人成为罪人;照样, 因一人的顺从, 众人也成为义了。 ”主耶稣从死里复活在在天上。当你相信在耶稣并求他原谅你的罪, 耶稣不仅将原谅你的罪, 也会他 使你在神面前成为义并赐你永远的生命!尽管罪继续在你和我每个人中间, 但你和我可以被原谅难道不是美 妙的消息吗!

What a sad thing that Cain never asked for God’s forgiveness for his sin. The Bible tells us that Cain married. I can just hear some of you boys and girls asking, “Where did Cain get his wife?” Read on in Genesis 5:3-4, and you will see that Adam lived to be 930 years old, and that he had more sons and daughters. Cain would have married one of his sisters. That sounds strange to us, but it was not until later that God’s law forbade this practice. Scientists who believe the Bible say that in the beginning, people did not have all the genetic problems we know of today.

可惜的是该隐从未请求神饶恕他的罪。圣经告诉我们该隐结婚。我能听见你们中一定会有些男孩和 女孩问, “该隐从哪找到他的太太?”继续读《创世纪》5:3-4, 你会发现亚当活了930岁, 并且 他有许多的儿子和女儿。该隐可以和他的一个妹妹结婚。我们听起来很奇怪, 但是直到神颁布律法才禁止这 种事。相信圣经的科学家说在起初时, 人并没有我们今天知道的基因问题。The

Bible tells us Cain married, had children, and even built a city. We also read that some of his great grandchildren played musical instruments, and some were skilled workers with bronze and iron. Does this sound very different from what you have heard?Perhaps you’ve been taught that all people in the beginning were cavemen, those ape-like creatures with very poor intellect. The evidence in God’s Word is that in the beginning people were very intelligent! While it is true that there have always been people all over the world that live in caves for one reason or another , there is no proof that there was ever a time when everyone lived in caves and had inferior intellect.

圣经告诉我们该隐结婚了, 生儿子, 后又修造城市。我们看到他的一些后代演奏乐器, 另一些是熟 练的铜和铁工匠。这听起来和你知道的很不不同吗?或许有人叫你所有人一开始都是穴居人, 是些智力低下 好象猿猴的生物。神的话证实人一开始是非常聪明!尽管现在世上总有人因为这样或那样的原因住在洞里, 但并没有证据说住在洞里的有智力低下。

Although Cain’s family line seemed to be an industrious and intelligent people, yet there is no mention that they walked with God. Does that sound like people today?Even many who say they know the Lord Jesus live only to please themselves.Main Truth:If you have believed on the Lord Jesus as your Savior, God wants you to walk with Him. To walk with God means to be living to please God and not ourselves.

虽然该隐的后代好象是些勤劳有才智的人, 但圣经没有没有提他们与神同行。这不很象今天的人吗 ?就是许多说他们知道主耶稣是活着的也是为取悦自己而活。主要教训:如果你相信在主耶稣是你的救主, 神要你与他同行。与神同行意味着相信讨神的喜悦而不是取悦自己。

God loves you so much and He wants to have close friendship with you. He created you and saved you, and has a wonderful plan for your life. Do you really love God?II John 6 says, “And this is love, that we walk after his commandments.” When you spend time with God praying, and reading and obeying His Word, you are walking with Him. As you walk with the Lord, He will work out His wonderful plan for your life. If you have believed on the Lord Jesus, God wants you to walk with Him daily.

神非常爱你并且他想有和你有很近的交情。他创造你并拯救你, 为你的生活和有一个美妙的计划。 你真地爱神吗?约翰贰书6节说, “我们若照他的命令行, 这就是爱。”当你花费时间向神祷告, 并且读他的话遵守他的话, 你就与他同行。因为你与神同行, 他会实现他为你的生活的奇妙计划。如果你相 信主耶稣, 神要你每日与神同行。

All through the history of the world, God has longed to have people walk with Him. Sadly it was in the beginning of the world as it is today:most people do not choose to walk with God. It seems Cain’s family line chose not to walk with God.

在世界的历史里, 神一直盼望人能与神同行。可惜的是今天就象世界起初时一样, 多数人民不选择 与神同行。就象该隐的后代选择不与神同行。

Seth was the third son born to Adam. The Bible does not give any names of Adam’s other sons and daughters. It may surprise you to know how long people lived back then. Adam lived 930 years, Seth lived 912 years, and some of their descendants lived even longer! God granted many more years to people’s lives back then! Some scientists who believe the Bible say that perhaps the climate in the newly created world was much healthier and allowed people to live longer.

塞特是亚当的第三个儿子。圣经没有写亚当其他儿子和女儿的名字。你也许很惊奇那时候人可以活 那么久。亚当活了930年, 塞特活了912年, 他们的一些后裔活得更久!神让那时的人活很长!有些相信圣经的 科学家说或许刚被创造的世界里气候是比较健康, 人可以活得长久。

In Genesis 5:24 we read something special about Adam’s great-great-great-great grandson Enoch:“Enoch walked with God.” Enoch had a close friendship with God.The book of Jude also tells us that Enoch was a prophet, and that he told the people about a day when the Lord Jesus would come to bring judgment upon sin. With most people around him not caring about God, and busy with their selfish living, do you think it was easy for Enoch to tell them about God and His coming judgment?No doubt many made fun of Enoch. Still Enoch walked with God.在《创世纪》5:24

我们读了特别事关于亚当的七世孙以诺:“以诺与神同行”以诺和神关系很近。犹大书 告诉我们以诺是个先知, 并且他告诉了人们有一天主耶稣会来审判罪恶。当世上大部分人对神漠不关心, 只 顾着自己的生活, 你认为以诺宣扬神和要来的审判容易吗?毫无疑问许多人取笑以诺。但以诺仍然与神同行 。

Main Truth:If you are God’s child, God wants you to walk with Him. You may see others who say they are Christians who live only for their education, to make money, or to have fun. But the God Who created you and saved you is calling you to walk with Him daily. Walking with God means staying in close friendship with Him. God loves you so much. You can show your love for Him by praying and reading and obeying His Word. Remember II John 6 says, “And this is love, that we walk after his commandments.” Do you seek to please the Lord in your life at home, at school, at play and at work?Do you tell others about Jesus' Sometimes as you make decisions in your life, it may hard for you to know what would please the Lord. Asking the question, “What would Jesus do?” may help you understand what you should do. Remember, if you are God’s child, God wants you to walk with Him daily.

主要教训:如果你是的神儿女, 神要你与他同行。你可以看其他说自己是基督徒的人活着只为他们 的教育, 挣钱, 或乐趣。但创造你的神拯救你并告诉你每日与他同行。与神同行就是和他有亲密的关系。神 非常爱你。你爱神可以通过向神祷告, 读他的话并且遵守他的话。约翰贰书6节说, “我们若照他的命 令行, 这就是爱。”当你花费时间向神祷告, 并且读他的话遵守他的话, 你就与他同行。你在家里, 在学校, 在娱乐时, 在工作时讨过神的喜悦吗?你告诉其他人耶稣吗?有时在你的生活你做决定时, 也许会很 难知道什么主喜悦的。问这个问题, “耶稣会怎么做?”也许会帮助你了解你应该怎么做。记住, 如果你是神的孩子, 神要你每日与神同行。

Very little is recorded about Enoch in the Bible, but we find the most important thing we need to know about him:Enoch walked with God! Although Enoch only lived 365 years, his son Methuselah lived longer than any other person in the history of the world, 969 years! Methuselah would have been about 300 years old when an amazing thing happened to his father Enoch. Genesis 5:24 says simply, “And Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him.” Enoch did not have to suffer death. God just moved Enoch from his earthly home to his heavenly home without dying! Today while you and I are enjoying Enoch’s story, Enoch is enjoying Heaven!

圣经关于以诺的记录非常少, 但我们找到了我们需要知道他最重要的事:以诺与神同行!虽然以诺 只活了365年, 他的儿子玛土撒拉比世界的历史里其他任何人都活的长, 969年!玛土撒拉大约300岁时, 一件 令人震惊的事发生在他的父亲以诺身上。《创世纪》5:24简单地说, “以诺与神同行, 神将他取去, 他就不在世了。”以诺没有遭受死亡。神没有让他死就把他从地上搬到天上的家!今天当你和我在欣赏 以诺的故事, 以诺正在欣赏天堂呢!

If you know the Lord Jesus, are you daily walking with God?It is important to study and work diligently, but the most important thing is to keep walking with God daily. God gives you life and breath, and has saved you from eternal death. He loves you so much and wants you to walk with Him daily. Will you this week pray, read and obey God’s Word, and tell others about Him?Keep that close friendship with God! And keep II John 6 in your heart: “And this is love, that we walk after his commandments.”

如果你知道主耶稣, 你每天是与神同行吗?努力地学习和工作是重要的, 但每日能与神同行是最重 要的。神给你生活和气息, 从永远的死亡中拯救你。他非常爱你, 要你每日与他同行。你这个星期祷告, 读 神的话, 遵守神的话, 并且告诉别人他了吗?保持和神密切的关系!把约翰贰书6节藏在心里:“我们若 照他的命令行, 这就是爱。”

If you have never believed in the Lord Jesus, won’t you begin your walk with God today?The first step is to believe on the Lord Jesus as your Savior. Go now to “How to Be a Child of God.”

如果你从未相信主耶稣, 你愿意从今天开始与神同行吗?第一步是相信主耶稣为你的救主。现在去 听“怎么成为神的儿女。”