PEP小学五年级上册英语综合测试题:Test Two(含答案)

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编辑点评: 在学习英语的过程中,我们需要适量的练习来巩固所学知识。在这里,小编为大家收集了PEP小学五年级上册英语的各单元测试卷,以供大家复习并自我检测。

I 听力部分(40分)
( )1.A.trash            B. fish             C. English             D. shoes
( )2.A.housework    B. work           C. homework         D. flower
( )3.A,mouse          B. mouth         C. bamboo            D. chair
( )4.A.floor             B. wall             C. shelf                  D. fan
( )5.A.empty the trash                   B. put away the clothes
C. do homework                            D. Watch TV

( )Yes, I can.
( )I can wash the windows.
( )Yes, I can .I am a computer.
( )Sarah can.
( )There are three.

( )They are healthy for us!
( )What do you have on Tuesday?
( )It's Tuesday.
( )We have tomatoes ,tofu and fish.
( )What day is it today?


  8:00 8:50 9:50 10:40 14:00

A. English B. Chinese C. Math D. Music
E. Computer F. P.E. G. Art H. Social Study

II 笔试部分
( )1.young house               ( )2.lunch bus
( )3.window now                ( )4.clean bread
( )5.end bed

               A                                        B
under               卧室               river               花
on                   在……下面        picture            河流
end table          镜子               flower             照片
bedroom          床头柜             tree                干净的
mirror              在……上面        clean               树

三、根据语意思,补全下列词组。( 10分)
1.做作业 do_________                        2.青豆green_________
3.打扫卧室_________the_________     4.铺床_________ the bed
5.洗碗碟do the _________                   6.使用计算机_________a_________
7.客厅_________room                        8.浇花_________ the flowers

1、Who’s your English teacher?             a. He is tall and strong
2、What’s he like?                                b. Mr. Carter
3、What’s your favourite food?              c. I often do homework
4、What do you do on Sunday?             d .We have tofu and fish
5、What do you have for lunch?             e. I like apple. They are sweet.

五 选择填空
( )1.—What’s he like?—______thin and short.
A. He’s          B. She’s           C. His            D. Her

( )2.—Is she young?—______She’s old.
A. Yes,she is                       B. Yes,he is
C. No,she isn’t                    D. No,he isn’t

( )3.—______That young lady?—She’s our principal.
A. Who’s       B. Whose         C. Who           D. Whose

( )4.—Is there a river in the park?—______. 
A. Yes,it is                          B. Yes,there is
C. No,there is                      D. No,it isn’t

( )5. Are you _____at home?
A. help          B. helps             C. helping       D. helpful

( )6.—Can you do housework? —______.
A. Yes,I can                          B. Yes,I can’t
C. No,I can                           D. No,I don’t

( )7.There are many ______on the shelf.
A. story-book                         B. story-books
C. story-book                         D. story-book’s

( )8.There ______a tree and some flowers in front of the house.
A. be             B. am               C. is                D. are

( )9.—______is the trash bin?—It’s near the table.
A. What        B. Who            C. Where          D. Why

( )10.—What do you ______for lunch today?
—I have eggplant and tomatoes.
A. do            B. does            C. have             D. has

1.今天是星期几? 今天星期三。
_______ _______ is it today? It’s_______.

2.周六你都做什么? 我经常看电视。
What do you _______ on Saturday?I often _______ T V .

3.你最喜欢什么水果?我喜欢苹果, 它非常甜。
What’s your _______fruit?I like apples. They’re _______.

_______there a _______in the park ? No,there _______.

七 阅读短文,按短文的内容回答问题(5分)
Wu Ling : Look!This is my holiday picture.
Sarah : Is it a nature park?
Wu Ling :Yes,it is.
Sarah :Is there a forest in the park?
Wu Ling :Yes,there is.
Sarah :Are there any pandas in the mountains?
Wu Ling :Yes,there are.
1.This is a picture of a _______park .Is there a forest in the park? _______,there is .
2.There are many _______in the mountains.
3.Is there a river in the park?_______,there_______.

八 、请你写一个有关你房间的小短文。要求:内容叙述合理,家具描述准确。(5分)
This is my room.
Ilove my room very much!