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编辑点评: 在学习英语的过程中,我们需要适量的练习来巩固所学知识。在这里,小编为大家收集了PEP小学五年级上册英语的各单元测试卷,以供大家复习并自我检测。

一、 听录音,迅速写出每个单词的首尾两个字母。(12分) 

1.( ) ( )        2.( ) ( )        3.( ) ( )
4.( ) ( )        5.( ) ( )        6.( ) ( )

二、 听录音,将图片和时间连线,并按听到的顺序标号。(5幅图,10分)

三、 听短文,做选择。(8分)
( )1. Tomorrow is ____.
A. Saturday               B. Monday             C. Friday

( )2. In the morning I ____.
A. read books.          B. watch TV.           C. do homework

( )3.Tomorrow I have ____.
A. Chinese                B. music                 C. art

( )4.I need ____ notebooks and a new pair of ____.
A. one; slippers        B. four; scandals     C. three; sneakers


一、 读单词,按照划线部分读音归类,写在横线上。(6分)
fun  fish  old  but  like  social
mutton  from  university  on  principal  kind

二、 纵横填字母组成单词。(8分)

1. 笔友______________ 
2. 好吃又有益于_________________ 
3. 美术老师________________ 
4. 给我说说你的_________________  
5. 午饭吃土豆________________ 
6. 学校校报__________________

( ) 1.I’m hungry. ____ go to a restaurant.
A. Let is                  B. Let’s                 C. Lets’

( )2.On Mid-Autumn Day, people usually eat ____.
A. zongzi                B. mooncakes       C. dumplings

( )3.Who’s _____ math teacher?
A. you                    B. your                  C. yours

( )4.What’s ____ like?
A. her                     B. she                    C. him

( )5.--____ tall?  --Yes, she is.
A. is she                 B. Is her                 C. Is she

( )6. --Who’s that old man? -- _____ my new science teacher.
A. he’s                   B. His                      C. He is

( )7. What do you have ____ dinner today?
A. in                      B. from                    C. for

( )8. -- What’s your favorite fruit? -- _____.
A. Pork.                B. Carrot juice.         C. Grapes.

( )9. I am hungry. I’d like ____.
A. to have some noodles and pork.
B. to do homework.
C. to play ping-pong.

( )10. –- Who’s that young lady? -- She’s our music teacher, ____ White.
A. Mr.                    B. /                         C. Miss

( )11. In America, Thanksgiving Day is the ____ Thursday in November.
A. four                   B. fourth                 C. first

( )12. -- Who’s your art teacher? -- ____. He’s tall, and he’s very funny.
A. Mr. Jim.             B. Mrs. Carter.        C. Mr. Carter.

( )13. What do you do ___ Saturdays and Sundays?
A. in                       B. at                       C. on

( )14. What’s your favorite day ___ Willow School?
A. on                      B. at                        C. from

( )15. I often paint or watch TV on Saturdays. Saturday is fun ____ me!
A. for                    B. with                       C. to

( )16. -- I have three new teachers. -- Who ____?
A. is it                   B. they are                 C. are they

( )17. 如果你想说:“她的课很有趣。”应该说:
A. His class is so much fun.
B. Her class is so much fun.
C. She is very funny.

( )18. 如果你想说:“那一点是很肯定的。”应该说:
A. Sure.                 B. Oops!                    C. That’s for sure.

( )19. 别人问你“What do you do on Fridays?” 你应该回答:
A. I like Fridays.
B. I play computer games and read books on Fridays.
C. It’s Friday today.

( )20. 如果你想问“她是你的新音乐老师吗?”应该说:
A. Is she your music teacher?
B. She is your new music teacher.
C. Is she your new music teacher?

Chen Jie是一名小记者( reporter )。有一位美国老师Mr. Bill Steven和两名学生 Jim and Carol刚来到学校。这里有他们的个人简介。Chen Jie正在对他们进行采访。请根据个人简介提供的信息完成下面的对话,每空填写一个单词。(8分)

Chen Jie: Welcome to our school. Can I interview you for our school newspaper?
Mr. Steven: Sure.
Chen Jie: ______ ______ ______ ______ on the weekends(周末), Mr. Steven?
Mr. Steven: Well, I often read some book and watch TV on Saturdays. ______ ______, I often do some shopping.
Chen Jie: Thank you. ______ ______ ______, Jim?
Jim : On Saturdays, I usually do homework and play football. On Sundays, I often watch TV. I love the TV programs(节目)here in China.
Chen Jie: ______ ______ ______ _______ ______?
Jim: I love bananas. They’re yummy. They’re my favorite.
Chen Jie: Do you play football on Saturdays, too, Carol?
Carol: No. I often read books and listen to music. Sometimes I learn Chinese. I love China, and I love Chinese. On Sundays, I often go shopping with ______ ______, Mr. Steven.
Chen Jie: Really? Mr. Steven?
Mr. Steven: Yes, Carol is my daughter. Uh-ha.
Jim: And Mr. Steven is our math teacher. His class is so much fun.
Chen Jie: Thank you so much.

( 1 )将下列句子重新排序,组成一个完整的对话。(8分)

(    ) But I don’t like tomatoes. They’re too sour.
(    ) My favorite food is tomato. It’s healthy and fresh.
(    ) Good idea! Thanks. Bye!
(    ) Oh, eggplant! It’s my favorite. What’s your favorite food?
( 1 ) It’s Saturday today. I need to do some shopping.
(    ) I need four carrots, five potatoes, some bananas and some eggplant.
(    ) OK. Everything is here. Come to my home tomorrow. Let’s have a party. 
(    ) I’ll help. Let’s go. What do you need?
(    )See you tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my friends. The boy with the short red hair is Tom. He’s very funny. That’s his motorcycle. It’s nice. The girl with long black hair and blue eyes is Angela. She is quiet. She is a university student. The tall girl with short yellow hair is Ingrid. She wears glasses. She is a basketball player. She is very active. That short boy is Mike, my best friend. He has brown curly hair and green eyes. He’s very smart.

你的pen pal, David从美国来信,问到你的近况如何。下面是你的课程表和School Menu.请你根据这些信息给他回信,回答他在信中谈到的问题。
What class do you have on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays?
What do you have for lunch at school every day?
What do you often do on Saturday and Sunday?