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编辑点评: 朗文国际英语教程Side by Side是一套专门为亚洲国家而编写的美语教程。与其他英语教程不同,朗文国际英语更注重听说、交际、听说词汇的培养。另外它的词汇量也很大,对统编教材是很好的补充。所以很多市重点学校,将是否学习过这套教材也作为招生的条件之一。

CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Perview

actor dancer driver painter

player runner singer skier

teacher translator worker

page 72 He Drives Very Carelessly

A.I think he's a careless driver.

B.I agree.He drives VERY carelessly.

Do exercise 1 to 12

1.I think she's a careful worker.

I agree.She works very careful.

2.I think he's a slow chess player.

I agree.He plays chess very slow.

3.I think she's a graceful dancer.

I agree.She dances very graceful.

4.I think they're good actors.

I agree.They actor very well.

5.I think he's a careless skier.

I agree.He skis very careless.

6.I think she's a fast runner.

I agree.She runs very fast.

7.I think she's a beautiful singer.

I agree.She sings very beautiful.

8.I think they're bad painters.

I agree.They paint very bad.

9.I think he's a good teacher.

I agree.He teachs very well.

10.I think she's a hard worker.

I agree.She works very hard.

11.I think she's an accurate translator.

I agree.She translators very accurate.

12.I think they're dishonest card players.

I agree.They play cards very dishonest.

page 73 You should work faster

Am I working fast enough?

Actually,you should work faster.

Am I painting carefully enough?

Actually,you should paint more carefully.

Do exercise

1.Am I typing quickly enough?

Actually,you should typ quickier.

2.Am I dancing gracefully enough?

Actually,you should dance more gracefully.

3.Am I speaking loud enough?

Actually,you should speak louder.

4.Am I driving slowly enough?

Actually,you should drive slowlier.

5.Am I translating accurately enough?

Actually,you should translate more accurately.

6.Am I playing well enough?

Actually,you should play better.

page 74 He Should Try to Speak More Slowly

A.Bob speaks VERY quickly.B.You're right. He should try to speak slower.

Do exercise 1 to 9

1.Timothy types very slowly.

2.Carol skates very carelessly.

3.Howard speaks very softly.

4.Linda goes to bed very late.

5.Jimmy gets up very early.

6.They dress very sloppily.

7.Brenda plays her radio very loudly.

8.Richard speaks to his parents very impolitely.

9.Our next-door neighbor drives very badly.

page 74 How to say it! Expressing Agreement

You're right. That's right.

That's true. I know.

I agree. I agree with you.


Michael's boss talked with him today.

In genera,she doesn't think Michael is doing very well on the job.

He has to do better.According to Michael's boss,he types too slowly.

He should type faster.In addition,he files too carelessly.

He should file more carefully.

Furthermore,he speaks on the telephone too quickly.

He should speak slower. Michael wants to do well on the job,

and he knows now that he has to try a little harder.

Stella's director talked with her today.

In general,he doesn't think Stella is doing very well in his play.

She has to do better.According to Stella's director,she speaks too softly.

She should speak louder. In addition,she walks too slowly.

She should walk faster Furthermore,she dances too awkwardly.

She should dance more gracefully.

Stella wants to do well in the play,

and she knows now that she has to try a little harder.

Billy's teacher talked with him today.

In general,she doesn't think Billy is doing very well in school.

He has to do better.According to Billy's teacher,

he arrives at school too late.He should arrive earlier.

In addition, he dresses too sloppily.

He should dress neater Furthermore, he speaks too impolitely.

He should speak more politely.Billy wants to do well in school,

and he knows now that he has to try a little harder.

page 76 If

A.What are they going to name their new baby?

B.If they have a boy,they'll name him John.

If they have a girl,they'll name her Jane.

Do exercise 1 to 4

1.How are you going to get to school tomorrow?

If it rains,I'll________.If it's sunny,I'll_________.

2.What's Roger going to do this Saturday afternoon?

If the weather is good,he'll______.If the weather is bad,he'll______.

3.What's Rosa gooing to have for dinner tonight?

If she's very hungry,_______.If she isn't very hungry,________.

4.What's Ken going to do tomorrow?

If he feels better,_______.If he doesn't feel better,________.

page 77 If You Drive Too Fast,You Might Have an Accident

A.You know ... you shouldn't drive so fast.

B.Oh? A.Yes.If you drive too fast,you might have an accident.

B.Hmm.You're probably right.

Do exercise 1 to 8 so quickly get a stomachache

2.sing so loudly get a sore throat so slowly lose your job

4.go to bed so late be tired in the morning

5.listen to loud music hurt your ears scary movies have nightmares your homework so carelessly make mistakes

8.sit at your computer so long get a backache

page 78 Good Decisions

Ronald wants to stay up late to watch a movie tonight,

but he knows he shouldn't.

If he stays up late to watch a movie,he won't get to bed until after midnight.

If he doesn't get to bed until after midnight,

he'll probably be very tired in the morning.

If he's very tired in the morning,he might oversleep.

If he oversleeps,he'll be late for work.

If his late for work,his boss might get angry and fire him.

So,even though Ronald wants to stay up late to watch a movie tonight,

he isn't going to.Good decision,Ronald!

Barbara wants to buy a new car,but she knows she shouldn't.

If she buys a new car,she'll have to take a lot of money out of her bank account.

If she has to take a lot of money out of her bank account,

she won't have much left.

If she doesn't have much left,she won't have enough to pay the rent.

If she doesn't have enough to pay the rent,

her landlord might evict her from her apartment.

So,even though Barbara wants to buy a new car,she isn't going to.

Good decision,Barbara!